How to Reset the Global Theme Settings in Atlas

This article will explain how to reset the Global Theme Settings for Atlas.


Sometimes, there is a bug in HubCMS when you have just installed Atlas that will make all your pages display some incorrect structures and styling. This guide will explain how to reset the global theme settings for Atlas to get rid of this specific issue.

Reseting the global theme settings

To reset the theme settings, try to edit any page that uses the theme. On the edit page, go to the Theme tab (on the left) ⇒ Edit theme settings.

Edit theme settings

You will be presented with the Global Theme Settings view. This is the view that we want to "reset". To do so, go to the Scroll behavior option (at the bottom of the left menu) and change the selector here. It doesn't really matter which option you select here (since we are trying to change some options so Hubspot "reloads" the theme settings), but we would advise you to follow these instructions.

  1. If the Smooth option is selected, change it to Auto, or
  2. If the Auto option is selected, change it to Smooth.

Click on the Apply Changes button at the bottom and then Publish at the top right.

This should reload the theme settings and fix any weird styling behavior.

Change option save changes